Customer experiences products

My hair is now definitely alive and filled with clear energy; one can see it with its own naked eye. Before the treatment, my hair wasn’t so soft and shiny and it was very rough. Now, I just love washing it and when I finish with drying, I use HR product for styling (instead of gel or hair lacquer spray) and simply just wit my hands, I style it with no problems, and it isn’t sticky. The same product is also multipurpose, the scent is divine – nice and natural, and so it isn’t aggressive as artificial perfumes are.


Somehow, I became aware of new dimension of love to my hair. Washing it is definitely different from usual hair washing. Sanja gave us instructions how to apply energy clearing on hair using HR shampoo, which I immediately experienced with my daughter, so now is hair washing and care a kind of game and hanging out. Now I have totally different understanding of my hair. It is alive and simply through drying and with just using my hands I make my everyday hairstyle, which was impossible before without hairbrush and 20 minutes of blowout.


An hour after deep hair washing I was caught in some strange sorrow. I just wanted to be left alone. As I have two children that wasn’t really possible, but when I put them to sleep I enjoyed in loneliness. Second day, the feeling became better and I couldn’t wait moment when I would wash my hair. I feel great, somehow I’m calmer and I have more self-confidence, and I also observe others through hair.


The other day, I felt for the first time my scent… I felt pheromones. Very cool.


After the treatment I slept fine, I have never had problems with it. Normally, I got up very early and did all my errands for that day, faithfully waiting for something extraordinary to happen. I was very disappointed with the fact that nothing out of the ordinary happened. Settled with this fact, the other day, with no expectations, driving peacefully through the town, I suddenly got this vision of my self-development, so simple and powerful, and clear. Right away I thought that that feeling must have been connected with cleansing, probably of whole my being, through hair treatment.


We have very interesting situation, Lovro opened season of crying, and he started to throw out the sadness, thanks God, finally. Mario doesn’t have dandruff anymore, and my hair is every day more beautiful. I easily wash my hair and I am very pleased. My hair is nice and soft and I feel that it is alive and has clear energy within. My skin too. The products are great.


After 10 days, using HR, this morning I looked myself in the mirror and after really long time I met me there, not the reflections that I have lived and accepted. I am learning and accepting a lot, the most of all I believe in me; I have patience and trust, peace and gentleness. The changes are true, essential and permanent. Now, my hair and skin look completely different and for the first time, my hair is shiny and sings after the first wash. Insights that I get are extraordinary.


After the first treatment, which was nice, I felt so incredibly light. My back, shoulders and arms that have been as tightened ropes for a long time, are now completely loosen, free. I felt the effect all the way to my pelvis that reflected on freedom and pleasure in walking. My breathing deepened my feeling of satisfaction and peace grew. Quality of clarity of my sight increased, also the texture and depth, so the colours became clearer. As I have been working on dioptre removal, one of the important segments of that was eyeglasses removal and use of looking without eyeglasses…. Otherwise, that can be a problem for me because the eyeglasses are like every addiction, however after the treatment, my glasses bothered me because my whole head was circulating better and I saw better, clearer, as if my whole perspective opened. In fact, it is something that is so hard to explain without trying, because it is not, unfortunately, mundane experience.


After the “alive shampoo” treatment and quality massage, my hair was different, alive indeed, and my head was stress relieved. I had a feeling I am reinforced with thousands and thousands of soldiers, those “little”, for hair important, conquerors. Thank you, Sanja, for this wonderful experience.


When I met Sanja, Čolić I named her “Woman Hair” … The change she brought me was something like an enchantment. She brought me back to my primordial existence that is in every one of us, which has being destroyed from the day of our birth using chemical products. It is so beautiful to feel your own scent on your hair, on your body. Sanja will, at the most possible, beautiful way bring closer to thing she does, because she herself is living it!


Through the product Gea I felt truly connected to Earth. I saw myself somehow calmer, surely more positive. Besides, I have very curly hair, which is very dry, so most of products dries it even more or makes it lifeless, and with the use of oils, it seems too greasy. I don’t have that problem anymore, since I have been using I’m resource products. In my collection I also have BG N92. Initially I bought this product for my hair, but now I’m using it primarily for my face! I have never used better gel for face before. I’m very delighted with products from I’m resource collection, with those I have tried and additionally I have to say that Sanja gives absolutely extraordinary treatment bringing the peace we all miss a little.