Customer experiences


Sanja has positive, calming energy. She gets you intoyoga poses gradually and easy, giving good, precise explanations regarding yoga poses, why and how we should get into a pose (asana) and how to do it properly. Sanja gives motivation, feeling of trust, expertise. I like that she works on connecting move and breathing; when the certain muscle groups are engaged, with no twitching, jumping, too much sweat, that lowers adrenaline (and not the other way such is the exercising in gym, that was never really pleasant for me). I like the fact that inthe every class and with every new move is new cognition and comprehension for me.


Positive energy and relaxation that I feel after the yoga class is present whole day. I have learned excellent exercises, which I use every time I am upset.


I feel that everything that I do in the class is very pleasant for my body and this is why I feel better. I have more willingness; I notice changes on my body. I like that every time we compare the condition before and after the yoga class, thereby we make every move mindful, and thereby we can get ourselves into the condition that we want to me in.


I go to yoga classes to improve my health, and harmonize mind and body. I feel especially good in the classes and after them. The atmosphere and the method of the class feel very pleasant. I don’t feel lower back pain that I had before therefore I am calmer.


Physical and spiritual progression is very important for me. I want to relieve stress, find emotional balance and raise level of awareness. I feel many changes, and as the most important for me is breath awareness.


Feeling in my body that I achieve with yoga is unique! Now I can get deeper into poses. The opening of heart chakra is easier and I’m more flexible. I’m still learning where my weak points are and I am still getting surprised. Doing yoga I can achieve better flexibility, breathing, transformed body, better focus, willingness, concentration.


I love all the yoga poses, especially those that require hard work and effort. In three months of exercising, I strengthened my back, improved my breathing, and became more flexible. Since I spend all my day at work sitting, yoga prepares me for it, stretches meand stirs me.