Corporative Yoga

Yoga at workplace is an excellent and unconventional way to reduce stress level, consolidate relationships between colleagues and advance your employees health. In companies that are introduced yoga business classes, employees feel better and work more productively, and come to work with more elan.

LUNCH BREAK YOGA / programme in your company

The benefits of yoga are more and more often confirmed in contemporary business world where is yoga successfully practiced as psychophysical recreation.

Managers of big corporations notice that they themselves as their employees are much more productive if they regenerate their creative energy every day. Practicing yoga on regular basis (on breaks during working hours, in your offices) significantly contributes to higher efficiency, creativity and employees working capacities in general.

In the companies where yoga as possibility for relaxation already exists it is noticed:

  • increase of energy and creativity
  • better organisation and management
  • better endurance and adaptation
  • appearance of enthusiasm, new ideas and their realisation.

One class of LUNCH BREAK YOGA consists of:

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

We use stimulating techniques that activate our personality and energy in our body. Calming techniques that we use relax too extrovert or ecstatic persons.

Balancing breathing techniques

  • Asanas (positions)

* Flexions (positions that have calming effect on nervous system and improve circulation in pelvic area)

*Extensions (opening positions, exercises for back)

*Torsions positions that clean intervertebral discs, make them more resistant and more flexible, massage inner organs, and stimulate digestion.

  • Relaxing techniques (Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation technique) that in short time unburden mind, which gives us better relaxation and efficacy for the rest of the working day.

Do something for your wellbeing, invest in yourself, this is the best investment.

If you want better efficacy for your employees, increase of energy, creativity, better organisation and communication, make an appointment for exercising even in your own company.