Online program Bali

ONLINE PROGRAMME FOR PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT OF A MAN straight from Bali, the Island of Gods, from 18.02.2019. in your time zone in a prearranged appointment

Take control of your life

In this hour and a half holistic programme we will combine yoga and other forms of work on yourself, so we would, at some point, reach wholeness of body and mind, connection of our inner “me” and our emotions, harmonic relationship between our persona and world around us.

Exercises and method that we will use are simple and adjustable so anyone can do them.

This online programme contains work on several areas

  1. YOGA




  1. YOGA

Within yoga we do:

*PRANAYAMA practice (breathing exercises)

Prana means breath, breathing, life, vital energy. Ayama means expanding, stretching or control. Breath is life, one of our most vital functions. When we control and expand our breaths capacity, we actually control and expand capacity and quantity of our life energy or prana. Expansion and control of prana allows us to direct the life energy, very precisely, to areas where it should go and thus we reach state of fulfilment, stability and consciousness. When we control breath, we control mind and thus our life.

*ASANAS (yoga poses)

Asanas represent certain body positions created to help reaching body mind balance. Their basic purpose is opening of tense areas of the body and correcting its structures, especially the spine. They also have good influence on nervous system, internal organs, bowels, circulation, muscles and ligaments. Practising Asanas we get flexibility, softness in body that makes us to feel better, more secure and relaxed.


Yoga Nidra is more known as “yogi sleep” or deep relaxation. It can be described as a condition between sleep and wakefulness that enables deep relaxation and the feeling of bliss through awareness and acceptance. While our body slowly learns new positions, certain changes in our mind and body occur. Except the fact that in time we become more flexible, the flexibility is introduced to the other fields of our life and we slowly change our point of view on life. Yoga Nidra helps in braking negative thoughts and emotions, calms the nervous system down, develops inner storage that could be used later in order to overcome problems and misfortunes in life.


We use energy exercises to remove mental, emotional and physical blockages. Energy has to flow through our body with stability and continuity in order to our body can function correctly. Mental blockages appear due to large amount of mental activity connected with too much worrying. They are manifested on certain parts of the body for example neck pain or shoulder pain. Emotional blockages cause irritability and confusion, inability to concentrate and can be manifested like judgemental attitude. Energy exercises help us to overcome these difficulties


How to get to know yourself in a simple way? To get to know yourself successfully it is important first to find yourself. Through this process, with help from exercises, you will be able to correctly manage your body. With help of exercises for the mind, you will be able to use exercises for your body the best way. We are going to get to know and bring around what is:


Our values shape our life and everyday life. Our consciously and unconsciously chosen values influence on how we decide, whom we like and find dear, who will make us safe, who will make us upset, what our life would be like. Whether we are feeling happy or unhappy, sad or satisfied depends on our set of values. This set of values directs our behaviour and functioning.

Through establishing our values, we will also deal with Defining of personality. The unique combination of characteristics defines long-term or reciprocal pattern of persons’ behaviour. It is something that we are born with, like our DNA inscription. Through four basic types of personalities, we can understand more clearly ourselves, what moves us why do we react in a certain way and how can we improve our life.


If you have problems or dilemmas regarding your diet or with raising your energy or to achieve better health, vitality and productivity I give advice about healthy nutrition, which came through years and years of my experience in it.

In online programme, that I do from Bali, you can choose one of these four programmes or you can combine all of them and with continuous work you can give back perfect mind body balance into your life, achieve contentment and peace from which you can more productively and more easily solve challenges in life.

Price of online programme is 25 euros per class (90 minutes)

Pace and a way of work are settled at the first consultation, that is free of charge, when we define your goals and wishes.

Appointments are previously scheduled via email or skype: sanjacolicrs